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About Us

The Palisades Family Network is committed to the betterment of our community by advocating for improved public amenities for our neighborhood. We believe in fact-based community dialogue, environmentally sensitive development, and improvements that make our community assets more inclusive and accessible to all. 

Support a SAFE and Inclusive Palisades Trolley Trail!

Crossing at Reservoir Rd.

WHat is the palisades trolley trail?

The Palisades Trolley Trail is a former streetcar right-of-way between Georgetown and Glen Echo. It has been neglected for 60 years and is now flood-prone and consists of disjointed segments separated by dangerous road crossings and steep inclines.

The PTT is currently unfit for use by the young, elderly, and mobility-impaired and is impassable by mobility aids (wheelchairs, strollers etc.).

The trail runs entirely on public land, but is desolate, hazardous, and underutilized by the Palisades and Foxhall communities.

Path south of Clark Pl.

why now?

The District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) is currently conducting a feasibility study of options for the PTT. Proposals include surfaces compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) suitable for walkers, low-speed bikers, strollers, and those with mobility aids

The plans are linked to the rebuilding of the Arizona Bridge and ramps to improve access and reduce dangerous pedestrian and bicycle street crossings.

A revitalized PTT is intended to be linked to the renovation of the Foundry Branch Trestle, giving us a safe and convenient car-free connection to Georgetown.

For more information from DDOT please click here.

Path south of Reservoir Rd.

We support a "SAFE" and inclusive Trolley trail

Safety - An option to walk and bike without fear of traffic, rash drivers, dangerous crossings, and non-existent sidewalks to local schools (Key, River, O.L.V., St. Patrick’s, LAB, G.D.S., G.W.U., and G.U.) and the Palisades Recreation Center.

Accessibility - Transform this underutilized public space into a vibrant multi-use ADA compliant community trail for recreation and enjoyment for all ages, from stroller to senior.

Family-friendly – A trail for all ages offering connections to the Palisades Recreation Center, and several neighborhood schools. 

Environmental benefits - Facilitate vehicle-free travel and clean transportation options, including safe access to the Palisades Rec Center. 

How can I help?


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3. Contact your representatives and let them know you support a revitalized Palisades Trolley Trail.

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4. Tell DDOT you support a SAFE trail for all.

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5. Spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbors why you care about this issue, and ask them to contact their representatives too!

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